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Born and raised in Montgomery County, MD, the love with music and radio started at a very young age for Bryan. While most kids were listening to kiddie music, he was playing "Meet The Beatles" on his Fisher-Price record player. 



In 1993, Bryan's friend hired him to DJ a teen dance...this was his first paid gig.  Since then, Flounder has performed at countless events for over 20 years.   


From 1999 to 2011, DJ Flounder was an integral part of the legendary DC101 rock station and the Elliot in the Morning Show.  Flounder started out as the phone-operator and stuntman for the show.  You might remember some of his crazy adventures; from rolling down the Exorcist stairs in a trashcan, the turkey shoots, to getting tackled by the Secret Service and winning the infamous Smell My Face Beltway Race...TWICE

Flounder also excelled behind the scenes and was eventually promoted to Creative Services Director.  In this role Flounder was responsible for writing and producing the stations on-air branding; sweepers, promos, music parodies, commercials and became an expert at sound design, audio production and custom remixes.  This paved the path for his next additional role at DC101...




A new trend in music was emerging on the internet and across the pond in Europe.  DJs and music producers were mixing together the vocals (acapella) of one song and the instrumental part of another song. The program director at DC101 asked Flounder if he would be interested in hosting and producing a Saturday night show that showcased mashups...and Flounder's Mash Ups was born!   From 2003-2011, DJ Flounder single-handedly brought the "mash up" genre to the mainstream in the DMV.  Flounder's Mash Ups became a must-listen to show on Saturday nights.  Flounder was also one of the first DJ's to have a mixshow broadcasted on an alternative rock station.


Flounder's Mash Ups also brought attention to his own unique DJ skills.  With his incredible mixing ability and genre blending, Flounder's popularity as an event DJ began to soar.  This led to various types of high profile DJ gigs; opening for national artists, festivals and even an appearance on MTV.

Throughout his 12 years at DC101, Flounder became one of the most recognized on-air personalities at the station.      

2011 - 2013

After exiting radio, DJ Flounder decided to go back to his roots and focus 100% on the entertainment and events industry.  He studied everything he possibly could about the wedding and events industry.  He started DJ'ing various events as a full-time DJ; from Bar & Bat Mitzvahs to weddings and corporate events.

 During this time Flounder also became the official DJ for Jeep and for the next several years DJ'd coast-to-coast with their traveling off-road track.    



While continuing performing at private events as well as Jeep, Flounder was approached by DCs1073 to return to radio. When asked by the new morning show (Sarah, Ty & Mel) what kind of mixshow should be on Thursdays, his immediate response was throwbacks! The Throwback Thursday was born!  In addition to Throwback Thursday, he also mixes on the Friday Freakin' Weekend Mix (11PM) as well as Saturday Night Rage. (11PM)  In addition to mixing on-air, he also produces audio and videos for DCs1073.  


DJ Flounder's love of music and live performance mixed with his charismatic personality and attention to detail and has made him one of the most in-demand DJs in the DC-metro area.