With the launch of my new website, here is a DJ Flounder update.  A lot of people know me from DC101, Elliot in the Morning and Flounder's Mash Ups; that ended three years ago this Thursday. (more on that later) Since then, you may have seen me spinning at a club, a Bar Mitzvah or for Jeep in a city somewhere around the country.  And now a huge announcement...I'm headed back to radio!

I'm now the imaging director (producing audio and video for the station) and DJ on DC's 1073.  You can hear my first Throwback Thursday mix this Thursday on the Sarah, Ty and Mel show.  Being from the DC area, I grew up worshiping WRQX (Q107) and now it blows my mind that I'm actually working there.

Three years ago I got fired from DC101, that moment changed my life forever.  This Thursday I also debut my mixes on DC's 1073 and head to Vegas to open for the Neon Trees.  A special thank you to Denise and Julianna for all of their hard work at FM Entertainment.  I started FM Entertainment with nothing and worked my butt off.  It's really exciting to watching the company continue to grow and spread happiness around.